Park Place Apartments and Kingswood Housing are located in Lyons, Kansas — the heart ❤ of Kansas.

We accepts applications for 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments. Park Place Apartments which is a mid-rise complex located south of Workman Park offers 1- and 2-bedroom apartments with all utilities paid. We recommend completing and submitting an application in order to be on the current waiting list for the next available apartment. The waiting list is a first come basis to those that qualify.

Rent is income-base, 30% of your earned or unearned gross income, with a minimum rent and a flat rent maximum. Lyons Housing Authority is Public Housing, which your rent is subsidized through HUD if you qualify. Also, we manage Kingswood Housing duplexes at North Purdy Avenue and East Second Street.

Providing affordable, decent and safe housing, we are located in Lyons, Kan., Rice County, which is approximately 30 minutes from Great Bend, McPherson and Hutchinson, Kan.

Lyons Housing Authority manages Park Place Apartments, which is a 4-story mid-rise complex in downtown Lyons.  Park Place Apartments provides paid utilities, free maintenance, no yard work, smoke-free building, on-site laundry facility, security cameras and postal boxes. The high-rise is a few blocks from downtown. Friendship Meals and Lyons Senior Center use our facilities.

Kingswood Apartments are duplexes on the northeast area of Lyons. They are also smoke-free buildings, free maintenance, no yard work, laundry hookup and a playground for children. A utility allowance is provided per unit size.

One pet allowed per a unit, per the pet policy.

There is an application process, please see the application tab above on how to submit your application.

Lyons Housing Authority

215 S. Bell Ave.,

Lyons, KS 67554

(620) 257-5241

fax: (620) 257-2605



Lyons Housing Authority refrains from discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability and/or familial status. Equal Housing Opportunity.
Lyons Housing Authority is a current member of NAHRO.

The National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), has been in existence for well over 50 years, and is located in Washington, D.C.  NAHRO’s membership is comprised of over 5,500 Individuals and 1,800 Agencies nation-wide.  Kansas NAHRO has been a Chapter within the National organization since 1962, and has been active in representing and addressing the needs of housing and community development across the state.

The purpose of the Kansas Chapter of NAHRO is to be the leading housing and community development advocate for the provision of adequate and affordable housing for all Kansans, particularly those with low and moderate incomes.  Through the processes of development, preservation, conservation and rehabilitation, Kansas NAHRO members work toward the achievement of well-planned, socially, aesthetically, ecologically, and economically sound communities.

It is the continuing goal of the Kansas Chapter to improve the standards and practices of all phases of administration directly related to the above purposes, and to develop and improve the professional standards involved in the administration of programs.  NAHRO works very closely with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) to achieve an effective administrative framework which shapes legislation and provides funding for housing and community development programs.  The Kansas Chapter was actively involved in legislation that created a Housing Division at the State level, now known as the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (KHRC), which made Kansas eligible for an additional $20+ million annually from the Federal government to address housing and community development needs in the State of Kansas.

To achieve it’s objectives, the Kansas Chapter provides for the exchange of knowledge by engaging in research, publishing results of studies, conducting meetings and conferences, developing and facilitating effective federal, state and local relations among those having related housing and community development responsibilities, cooperating and collaborating with other agencies, associations, and groups, both public and private, who have similar or related purposes, and seeking, in all appropriate ways, to improve the proficiency of agencies and persons engaged in administration in the field of housing and community development.

Lyons Housing Authority develops a 5-year PHA Plan every five years. You can view the 2020-2024 plan in our office or see the information below. 

The 5-year PHA Plan provides a ready source for interested parties to locate basic PHA policies, rules and requirements concerning the PHA’s operations, programs and services, and informs HUD, families served by Lyons Housing Authority, and members of the public of the mission, goals and objectives for serving the needs of low-income, very low-income and extremely low-income families.

5-year LHA plan 2020-2024

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Crystal

    I am applying to go to college in kansas and need housing in order to attend. How would I apply for a three bedroom in jopes to move in this summer.


    1. Lyons Housing Authority Post author

      We are located in Lyons, Kan., and only handle housing for our facilities (Park Place and Kingswood Apartments). We do not handle all of Kansas. Your email was not specific if you would be locating to our area? On the application page of our website is a tab to print our application. You would complete and return to us to be added to our waiting list. We are public housing regulated through HUD so in order to qualify for a 3 bedroom unit there would need to be 3-6 people to house.
      If you should have any questions when filling out the application, please feel free to contact us.


  2. Deanna

    I do not have great credit but am a single mother of 1 moving to the city of Lyons. Could I get approved with a co signer?


  3. Lyons Housing Authority Post author

    We typically look at if you owe utilities or other creditor such as HUD housing. If you have a lot of medical bills, we do not consider those. Not so much the credit score as to whom you owe. We house people with no score. Hope this helps?


  4. Erica Rehaume

    Of course I have a few more questions in private and through email and will be getting an application filled out snd asking soon but does both place accept people of all ages within your guidelines of course otherwise?


    1. Lyons Housing Authority Post author

      Yes, we are open to the public. We are public housing regulated through HUD with lots of regulations and rules. We are income base, 30% of your gross income. An applicant must be at least 18 years old to apply. If you are looking for a place soon, I recommend filling out an application ASAP. We work a waiting list and have a few waiting for housing.


  5. S

    Hi! Do people living in your apartments have to be there full time, or can they travel as they want and be gone for months at a time (with someone checking in the apartment- but not living there- while there gone)? Thank you!


    1. Lyons Housing Authority Post author

      Here is the public housing policy:
      Absence means that no member of the family is residing in the unit. The family may be absent from the unit for up to 30 days. The family must request permission from the Lyons Housing Authority for absences exceeding 30 days. The Lyons Housing Authority will make a determination within five (5) business days of the request. An authorized absence may not exceed 90 days. Any family absent for more than 30 days without authorization the unit will be considered abandoned and result will be lease termination.

      Authorized absences may include, but are not limited to:
      1. Prolonged hospitalization.
      2. Absences beyond the control of the family (i.e., death in the family, other family member illness).
      3. Other absences that are deemed necessary by the Lyons Housing Authority.

      Hope this answers your question. Let us know if you need further assistance.


  6. Lyons Housing Authority Post author

    Carol, again, it’s an application process. You would need to be approved before housing. I would have to give a tenant 30 days notice to vacate/transfer to another apartment. If I could get them to move earlier, I would. Then we would have an apartment available.



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